B2B Payments

B2B Payments

Farewell Paranoia!

We all know the problems that the payments niche suffers from. The systems that protect our valuable accounts are also the ones that make our life much harder by flagging and blocking transactions because of our geolocation or other threats defined as such by those systems. Also, maintaining high risk accounts based mostly on the client’s discipline is frustrating and hard work.

International payments clients are used to getting flagged in almost every online transaction and getting automatically sent for SMS verification. This auto flagging occurs when the payment gateway’s checkpoint recognises the use of methods (used to hold on to accounts with dear life) such as: using multiple SIM cards, using VPNs or connecting to ‘friendly’ desktops with remote control access like AnyDesk or TeamViewer. The result is both stress and complications for the payments company and also a rough user experience for the client.

By using our Mobile RDP connection, your clients can store all their accounts’ valuable information, receive and send SMSs and browse the web with all their accounts’ digital fingerprints in 1 secure place. Having all critical data stored in the same place reduces the risk of human error to almost nothing.

ALL our traffic is routed over 4G and 5G networks. That means ZERO risks of IP leaks from WEBRTC or other similar protocols. Our setup has a kill switch mechanism, so if the mobile network stops working, the internet traffic will stop flowing.

The ‘Mobile RDP’ method is user friendly and requires no previous technical knowledge and there’s no need to install any software.