DIY Cloud Ad Accounts

DIY Cloud Ad Accounts

Cloud Ad accounts have been around for a while now and are a far more reliable method than others for keeping accounts alive. On the cloud you can keep all the account’s fingerprints in 1 place and it’s easily transferred between users without the risk of involving new fingerprints from the client’s side that usually ends up flagging the account. 

Some cloud account sellers offer mobile proxies with their service so that they look residential. By doing that, they reduce flagging, letting the account live longer. The main differences between them and our mobile RDPs are – protocol and latency.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a mobile proxy, residential proxy or data center proxy – they all share the same protocol. Using proxies can also get you flagged because of their high latency. Yes, high latency can trigger the checkpoints to flag or to mark the account as a user with a mask.

We don’t use any kind of proxy. We keep it real and each VM connects to its own router. Our latency is low because we don’t need any tunnels and our 4G and 5G routers are located so perfectly close to juicy cell towers.

For managing 1 account we recommend the 4G RDP Lite plan because all your fingerprints are saved in the same 1 desktop. This plan includes enough power, memory and bandwidth to manage 1 account and you won’t even need to use an anti detect browser. You can literally keep it real!

If you wish to manage your ad accounts and keep on using an anti detect browser, we recommend that you choose the 4G RDP + plan or the 5G RDP plan.

They both come with the option to change IP, manually or with our inner API.

If your method requires heavy uploading / downloading, we strongly recommend the 5G RDP plan so you execute tasks faster with almost non-existing latency. Otherwise, save your money and choose the 4G RDP + plan.